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The Spirit of MERCI LOUIS

« Live your dreams rather than dream your life” is the motto which guided the launching of MERCI LOUIS by Jean-Christophe MIQUEL in 2013… Curiosity kept the cat alive! Travelling, visiting, listening, exploring, reading, hunting, searching… are paths that permanently guide the creations of MERCI LOUIS. All lines are exclusive.

 The creative team of MERCI LOUIS begins with aesthetic details which challenge them and lead them to designing, diverting, shaping and constructing a new object. The French 17th and 18th centuries are their passion. MERCI LOUIS is a tribute to all the crowned Louis who bequeathed to us a precious and inexhaustible legacy.

 MERCI LOUIS is written with many “S”! 

Reissuing is not the concern of MERCI LOUIS who provides its own interpretation and keeps its free spirit to play with paradoxes, combining history to modernity, classicism to present. Products are entirely manually created, then built with noble and authentic materials by craftsmen who have preserved the indispensable know-how that MERCI LOUIS seeks for, and is particularly fond of. Most of the patinas and finishes are made in our workshop, located very close to Paris. 

MERCI LOUIS creations appeal to devotees of Today’s objects inspired by heritage, reflecting the French timeless charm and elegance. MERCI LOUIS also works in collaboration with museums, hotels and restaurants for personalized designs and creations, adapted to these historical places.

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